KaiShin AMV Recommendation

Hey everyone!

Yes, I’m horrible and haven’t blogged since January or smth I can’t even remember.

Anyway, I’m back today to recommend something to you guys.

Anyone a fan of Detective Conan or specifically, Kaito X Shinichi? Or….. AMVs in general? Well recently I listened to a track my friend recommended to me, titled Love Trial covered by 40mP(BIG FAN ASDFGHJK) on YouTube. Later on she found another illustrated version of the MV on niconicodouga.

Well, I’m sure you would’ve guessed by now, she found a KaiShin one. Illustrated by  on Pixiv (ID: 117696) The art is amazing and it’s always nice to see different versions of the MV.

BUT. The video wasn’t uploaded with Eng subs. And my friend was shocked to find that it wasn’t anywhere on YouTube. So, she did it herself and it’s now uploaded. It would make her really really reaaaallllyyyyy happy if you could just give it a watch, since it is the first lyric video she has ever done and it took her a few hours to get the timing of the subs right and everything. If you’re interested to watch it, just click here

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 2.17.29 PM.png

If NOW you wanna look at more fanarts of Kaishin, do check out her different fanpages 🙂

Instagram: @kaishin_1412
Personal Instagram: @korimizu
Tumblr: korimizu18

Thank you so much for reading through this post! Do leave a like or even subscribe to her channel if you liked the video (Hah idk, maybe she’ll be inspired and do more subbed vids in the future. It’s just that, both of us are in our final year before college so we’re really busy. So supporting us in the little things we do when we FINALLY have time, actually brings a LOT more happiness than you think.) AGAIN, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME!!


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